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Memories Box 

Status: Completed

Location: Naples

A period conversion in the heart of old Naples, this apartment in a once-grand palazzo dating from the XVI century caught the imagination of a well-traveled writer in his 40s. The brief was to restore a 250SQM garden apartment to its former glory and grandeur while providing comfortable, contemporary living space and incorporating the client’s extensive memorabilia collection.

The project is an acknowledgement and celebration of the past while marking a new chapter in life for both the client and the building.

The first step was to free the area from layers of past alterations, retain period features, and finally blend these with the client’s lifestyle. The result is a series of rooms leading from the grand entrance to an elegant drawing room and through contemporary glass doors to the heart of the apartment: a library incorporating memorabilia, in turn, linked to the private living space. 

Traditional finishes of stucco and lime wash were translated to modern form. Colours, materials, and new and old “trinkets” were curated to reflect an esoteric life and house objets d’art and family heirlooms ranging from furniture to paintings to 17th-century prints.

Each room has a different colour. From vivid vermilion at the entrance, softening to ochre, teals and greens, tones reflect each space’s theme and function, ending in gentle blues for the bedrooms.

The space now flows through time with élan, each room telling a story whilst celebrating the life and experiences of the client.


Photography: Roberto Pierucci

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