A Little Addition


Status: Completed

Location: London E4

A dated Victorian terraced house in London was given a modern layout adding a side extension.

The original brief of the project was to turn the existing gully kitchen and the adjacent small dining room into a modern open plan and add a pantry and a toilet.

After carefully considering the growing family’s lifestyle and their aspiration to host parties, and dinners and have a space where everyone could participate in their activities, TA Studio presented different options for different budgets.

The statutory regulation and budget limitations made us opt for a small side extension. A little addition that would include everything our client asked for and would fulfil the aspiration of this young family.

The result is an open plan where we carved a space for a generous pantry and a toilet for the guests, in fact, the new little addition gave a new life to both the house and the activities of the family.

The open plan benefits through the wide opening from the rear garden which became seamless and additional space for summer parties, family movies and BBQs.

In their own words “I still marvel at how it feels so much bigger … and we have a pantry and a downstairs loo and people are like: “Where did it come from” .. because they remember the old house .. and the house feels vastly bigger…


Photography: Photo Plan

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