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Preliminary call:

The first step is an initial phone/video conversation with you and our Project Director.

The main purpose of this telephone call is to discuss with you your goals & expectations and establish if and how we can help.

During the conversation will consider the information provided and use the call to understand in more detail what you would like to achieve, the potential of the project and what planning restrictions there may be, together with the scope of architectural services that could match your project at its best.

We will then offer some preliminary advice regarding the feasibility of the project in relation to planning restrictions and the target budget.

Meet up and feasibilty study:

After the preliminary  call it’s important for us to meet in person. This can happen either in our office or “on site”. On this occasion will discuss your project in depth and give you an hint of what will mean working with us in order for you to ask and have all the information you need before committing to work together. 

It will follow at short presentation of all the informations callated about your project and give you  preliminary advice on design, planning, construction, budget and timeframe. 

Detailed Design:

Our belief is to focus our design strictly on our clients needs. We consider ourself in this stage more as “editors” of your project, designing with a free mind  without prefixed ideas or specific  “styles”. 

As soon as we decide to work together we will send you our “questionnaire”. A document in which  you have the opportunity to explain in fine details your lifestyle habits and needs. This will form the pillar of  the design process. A “structure”  that we will use  to build the best possible habitat of your new home. The above together with environmental, structural and planning considerations.

We will then produce few initial proposals for you to choose from.  During the design meeting it would be we explore the proposed scheme through 3D models visuals as weell as plan and elevations. Discussing  any comments  you might have and tweak the model according with our discussion. 

Following each meeting, we send all the information presented for review. Based on the comments we receive, we produce revisions and further develop the scheme before the next meeting. 

As long as we refine your project with your comments we will add more details such as materials, finishes  palette of colours and interior layout options. 

Planning Permission:

The process of obtaining planning permission in the UK, and particularly in Greater London, can be a complex process. This complexity arises from the need to navigate the intricate maze of policies, standards, and regulations that surround it successfully. Through many years of experience, we have developed a reliable approach and effective methodology that has allowed us to maintain an outstanding track record spanning more than a decade. As part of the planning stage, we will prepare and submit all necessary drawings and documentation and liaise with the relevant local council’s Case Officer on your behalf. Depending on the nature of the proposal and local planning restrictions, we may offer advice regarding the pre-planning stage prior to the submission of the full planning application.

Technical Design:

During this stage, we detail the “shell and core” scheme together with all the feature joinery items we might design for your project. 

We will then discuss, select and agree with you materials finishes, together with kitchen and bathrooms and their fixtures and fittings.  On this matter we have a long lasting relationship with a number of suppliers scattered around London which we can go together and benefit from their expertise and unique selections. 

We will proceed into a more technical part of the project developing  mechanical, electrical and lighting schemes. 


Once our design meetings are designed to feel like a collaborative and interactive workshop also in this case, you’ll be involved throughout,   making us always open to introduce your last requirement and new ideas.  

Following approval of the Detail Design, we work alongside other consultants to develop the Technical Design for the scheme. This involves preparing a set of drawings that provide all necessary information for accurate pricing which will end with the selection of a main contractor for the site.

Our previous projects demonstrate the significant role that accuracy and attention to detail have in obtaining reliable quotes and maintaining high-quality construction standards on-site. When a main contractor has been chosen, the conclusion of this stage is marked, and we move to construction stage of the project. 

It is recommended that a standard form of building contract is used for any construction project, which must be appropriate to the project’s size. We suggest using one of the building contracts published by the Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT). Once a contractor is chosen and the final contract sum is negotiated and agreed, the building contract is prepared and signed. Regular site visits will be conducted to assess the works and ensure the project progresses according to the contract. The contractor will be provided with any necessary instructions, information, and drawings. As work progresses on-site, the works will be valued monthly to determine the appropriate portion of the contract sum to be released for payment. Once all work is complete, clients will move into their new home, and a rectification period will begin, allowing time for the structure to settle and any minor latent defects to present themselves.

As we emphasise on a design holistic approach we firmly believe that there is no separation between the exterior and the interior side of a project. The design narrative needs to be kept together aligning all the parts of a project in a unique envelop which tell a story of a house and a family throughout.

Beside the built in joinery item provided on the architectural scheme, we offer an optional in house interior design service, which includes the selection of all free standing furniture, soft furnishings; electric and light fittings as well as full interior design scheme to wardrobe and other joinery items.

As additional service during stage 4 (Detail Design & Tender) we will discuss with you your thoughts, preferences and target budget and will propose a fully designed and specified interior design scheme for you to consider and comment upon.

We will work closely with you using mood boards, examples and links to products to enhance the architectural design with complementing interior design items and present options to you in drawings and visuals.

With the proposed scheme, we will present an interior design schedule, listing all relevant details about the proposed items with the associated price.

The interior design aspects will be discussed and agreed during stage 4 meetings and will form an integral part of the work for stage 4.


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