Who we are

With the ambition of a storyteller, TA+ Studio is a boutique studio of London Architects keen to create beautiful and well-crafted spaces, regardless of the scale or budget. With a "stubborn" focus on our clients' needs, we take on the challenge of tailoring the project around their lifestyle and aspirations. Our unique process will allow us to draw coordinates, design a map around your daily routine and activities, defining your ideal space, and constantly cross-check your brief and aspirations throughout the entire process, from inception to completion.

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We like to turn your ideas into your new home

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Memory Box
Memory Box
raw materials
Raw Materials
A Cottage modern Twist
a little addition
A Little Addition
Family's New Setting
An Hangar in the Garden
Gray shadows
Grey Shadows
Hotel Maxim
Hotel Maxim
East Finchley
Straight line
Straight Lines
JAC's office
Jac's Office
A Slanting Extension

What we do

Free consultation

A feasibility study of the cost, and planning limitations based on your expectations on the project. 

Full design and Planning

You can count on us to deliver a comprehensive design of your project complete with 3D visualization and a successful planning permission application.

Technical design & tender

We create technical Drawings for your project and assist with building control. Additionally, we will aid you in selecting and hiring contractors through a tender process.

Project management & Construction

When building, attention to detail and creative problem-solving are key. Our team handles unexpected issues with confidence and skilled workers, ensuring a smooth and timely renovation process.

Interior Design

Personalized interior design services with experience in bespoke furniture and curating spaces to reflect your aLifestyle and at the same time keeps together the narrative of the project.

Tell us about your project

We like to turn your ideas into your new home

Please get in touch to book a free consultation

About us

Alfonso Tufo is an Italian Architect  with over 20 years of experience in the field. Working both in UK  and internationally, he has gathered significant experience both in the architectural and interior design fields, making him a natural fit for projects that require a cohesive approach. In London he worked for the most renowned practices including Adjaye Associates, Morey Smith, Scenario Architecture, 23 Architecture, and IDEA. These experiences have given him an in-depth understanding of client needs, allowing him to deliver exceptional results. As the Founder of the company, his credo is to deliver, together with his team, exceptional design regardless the size and the budget. 

Video Testimonials

in our clients words

Tom & Yvonne

A little Addition

Thomas & Dagmar

Straight Lines

Feel free to contact us and enquiry about your project at 07425140604 or alternatively you can email us at info@tastudio.co.uk or use our booking system below