Hotel Maxim

Status: Completed 

Location: Bologna

TA+ studio was engaged to refurbish a boutique hotel in Bologna, Italy. Originally an old farmhouse, it had a distinct eighties style and was ripe for modernization. Typical 1980s finishes abound marbled brass, powder-coated aluminum, and marble effect plaster were the palette of materials this studio had to navigate.

The main facade had been partly replaced by a large curtain wall incorporating square window frames on all three levels. The squared regularity of the prominent façade window inspired a blocking concept using 80×80 cm (whole or partial) to design the furniture, wall panelling, doors, tables, and screen dividers.  

Recycled brass and wood and traditional Bologna colours were re-interpreted in modern form and complemented by coloured cement, engineered wood, and frosted glass. By the entrance, there are three backlit cubed lamps, made of stained glasswork, and hanging from the ceiling at different heights. These lights, visible from the outside through the glass façade, would welcome the arriving guests.

Two white back-painted glass boxes, similar to the lamps at the entrance,  were placed at the reception desk to guide the customer.

By the entrance, three cubed lamps of alternate height backlit stained glasswork to the street facade.

The dated style is now rejuvenated and complimented by these new forms.

Photography: TA+ studio

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