Raw Materials

Status: Completed

Location: Naples

All client briefs evolve during the design process and, in some cases, can change dramatically as the client comes to a greater understanding of their needs, lifestyle and the potential (or constraint!) of their space.

In this case, the client’s original brief was to develop their loft into a suite for their first child. After discussing the initial proposals were discussed, it evolved so family life would be at the heart of the home while the loft would be turned into an adult retreat. It transpired the client’s subconscious needs were to have a flexible space for socializing and entertainment, to pursue hobbies and house an extensive vinyl collection while incorporating a multi-media and music production space.

The final objective was to provide a seamless multi-functional open space that could evolve with future requirements and had the flexibility to reconfigure areas for different uses.

The focal point of the final design was a pair of sliding partitions allowing simultaneous use of the space by several people by closing and/or opening areas. Their aesthetic is a key element of the architectural concept: each surface is different but complementary through combining wood, stone, mosaic, and glass to characterize function and activity.

Photography & CGI: TA+ studio

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