Straight Lines

Status: Completed

Location: London E11

“We like straight lines and acute angles” was the opening line of the client’s brief.

After engaging them in our usual analysis, TA+ studio designed a free-plan Ground Floor opened in all directions. The endpoint is a wide-glazed extension that slightly folds into itself and seamlessly projects itself into the garden.

The project earns its name from clients’ comments at the very beginning: “We like straight lines!” they said. The quote became the project. Straight lines are noticeable across the whole project.

On the design of the floor plan for instance, because of the rotation of the back facade towards the more private and southern side of the garden. On the back elevation, the tilted glass cube folded down projecting the inside of the house out becoming a watching/ reading seat facing the “wildlife” of the private garden.

For such a reason straight lines are constantly repeated across the whole house. In fact, vertical timber detail becomes the decorative element of the kitchen doors, feature walls and finally the stairs. The quintessential ascendant element of the house brings upstairs, with it “the straight lines” in a crystallised movement towards the top.

Photography: Photo Plan

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